Prospera Farm is located west of beautifully scenic Berlin, Wisconsin on the historic Fox River. The farm, settled over 130 years ago, totals 60 acres. Currently, we grow vegetable crops on five acres. The remainder of land is prairie, (soon to be grazing pasture), wetlands and woodlot. 27 acres of restored prairie surrounds the farm house and growing fields offering 40 different prairie flower varieties as well as native grasses.

The diverse ecology that surrounds our farm helps add to the biodiversity that we feel creates a healthier farm. All crops are grown naturally without use of chemical pesticides, herbicides, or fertilizers. Instead, we strive to work with nature by rotating crops, composting, spreading our livestocks manure, and cover cropping to create a healthy, sustainable, closed farm system. We have been establishing a small orchard for the past six years as well as added ginseng, bloodroot seedlings, and mushroom mycelium to the woods.

Our goal is to be as sustainable an operation as possible! Some examples of our efforts towards sustainability... *Hay is cut from our fields to be used for mulch in our growing fields and provides forage and bedding for the pigs... *Wood is harvested from our woods to heat the house and greenhouse in spring... *We raise our own vegetables,fruit, pork,chicken,and duck... *We make an effort to buy locally what we need to operate our farm and farm business.

*Run the farm on solar and wind power... *Have at least one vehicle that runs on WVO (waste vegetable oil) and SVO (straight vegetable oil)... *Grow grains in our fields to feed our animals... *Introduce a milk producing rotational grazer to our livestock line-up !

"Eat Fresh-Live Well" Now, more than any other time in our generations short history it is possible to source most of our food locally. Make an effort to seek out local producers and read your labels at the grocery store. We don't need to be buying dairy products in Wisconsin from California. Apples from China! Forget it! Try Door County fruits. Beef, pork, chicken, lamb, bison, turkey can be found within a fifty mile radious of most areas. Locally produced foods are more fresh and healthier for you, your family and your community.

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